Rome used eminent domain as its marketing strategy

I’m not sure if you’ve ever watched a Caterpillar completely take out an entire housing track or remove some beautiful landscaped villa but I have. Sometimes it gets rough and sometimes you have to just question why in the hell does the government have so much power over the weak and feeble?

I had an ex-father-in-law who had his house next to a freeway in Norwalk, California for years and was forced to the demands of enlarging the freeway system and you know he had no choice because that’s the way it works and in real life sometimes that’s exactly how it all comes down the pike when it comes to the cause and effect of eminent domain. We think we’re free of altercations and a holocaust of interventions but no, we’re dead center near the blast.

Back in the day, Rome used the same marketing strategy as governmental agencies do when eminent domain is in play. They completely took, stole and destroyed whatever was in their path. Rome was a bad ass when it comes to strong-armed marketing ploys. Forceful intervention is not the way to win friends and influence those around you and it’s never worth the nod at gunpoint.

Contractor Marketing is completely anti-force and completely passive in its appeal to you the construction industry. We want what you want and that’s success and a profit from a day’s hard work. When we implement our marketing strategy we influence through means of creative thought, clever appropriations of information and valuable insight into the who, what, when, where and why. We make you, the contractor look good and it’s not implemented by brute force but by methods that are more appropriate in today’s mass. With the world swinging at 7 billion strong we need to think how can we reach those who need our services? And you may be hung up in some small town struggling with an economic base of almost 0 and wondering how you’re going to feed your family or much less yourself.

We believe at CM that good marketing is smart marketing and practice salting the oats to get a horse to drink water. There’s a method to our madness and that’s found in how we appropriate the current marketing tools. We know the construction market because from our experience, our years in sales and our creative involvement in graphic design. So when it comes to finding a home or should I say, your business, we believe its Contractor Marketing that will ease the tension that’s found via means of eminent domain. No one will ever impede on your soil again. You can bet on Google will be the strong-arm against the battles to come!


The Stealth Part of Guerrilla Marketing

I’m sure we’ve all heard at some random chaotic place in time of this ad strategy, they call Guerrilla Marketing, maybe down a dark alley or behind some smoked out garage band practice room. This low cost, unconventional marketing madness use to mean walled out graffiti, ugly stickers and flash mobs in odd apparel and all utilized to coordinate a somewhat rather peaceful network, so they say. Oh, it may seem like some underground guerrilla warfare, a.k.a. some hostile environment gone bad but it’s not. Because guerrilla marketing is a cheap way of accomplishing a huge marketing campaign and still remain kind of a stealth hostage in your abandoned Nike Missile Silo, if you know what I mean?

We’ve never used this kind of marketing at CM. and thus the facetious contrast of what is out there with all those other caustic wanna-be advertisers lurking to steal the show and your dough! It solely relies on time, energy and some creative mindset rather than some big huge marketing bonanza budget while always unexpected and unconventional, so to speak.

One goal of marketing is to have a unique, engaging and thought provoking concept that generates buzz and consequently turns viral. You may see guerrilla marketing in public places or on the street where they give away products, swallow fire and juggle as a random PR stunt. And since this is not about money, the emphasis is mainly retaining weird existing customers rather than acquiring new ones and that’s the complete 180 of what we want.

Contractor Marketing is not about weird but creative, out-of-the-box, and think-tank believers that have what you need as a contractor! In the construction zone, it’s never easy to reach a targeted market, whether it’s residential, commercial or some retail outlet. Contractors in the 2K 13 world must grab those around them or nearby because that’s the only world they have.

We use many forms of marketing to achieve our goal and that’s to reach the target market your business needs to reach. If it’s a budget constraint or creative license in check, we’ll overcome whatever obstacle there is. Contractor Marketing is all about being successful and we can only achieve that when you have achieved your goals and dreams regarding your business!

Let’s not forget that Social Media can’t stay hidden or stealth if you want your business to be in the front center of your target market. It still is the least inexpensive mode of guerrilla marketing, so to speak in today’s environment and we’ll make that happen daily on all your Social Media sites. It’s great to live in today’s world with all that’s happening! Stay stealth, be happy and do all you can to make it happen but leave the fatigue-clothing on a hanger!

Construction Marketing Tips|If Construction was only Lego tilt-ups

It would be nice to sit in some cushy lounge chair and have the world pass us all by sometimes but that’s not the real world, nor the other constant, tedious working world we wake up to. We want the road of least resistance because that’s the American dream of always being on vacation. Without the pain there is no gain when it comes to running a successful construction company, so don’t hide from the facts and think you’re on spring break all year around. Times have changed and we as contractors need to adjust to the altering shifting planet we exist on so, GPS us home to the Brave New World of contracting!
As marketers for contractors, Contractor Marketing uses current trends that help us seize a huge share of buyers for those who need the services or products from those construction business owners. There’s nothing wrong with using glitz and a little glamour to help adjust the lens of those who view your company on the internet. Web design or a simple blog site that’s set up properly can help the art of the sell and reinforce the image of the business and we all want to win when we work those long hours even if we label it as, ‘playtime’!
Let’s not be fooled with the phrase, you got to work hard to play hard. The construction business is so hands on we forget as contractors that there‘s also a strategy behind the constant madness of a timeline to completion. I worked at Disneyland as a teenager for a short stint and the spiel I had to remember verbatim transcends the time served but it still holds true to this day, “Welcome aboard the Leaky Teaky, my names Mark and I’ll be your skipper and guide down the rivers of adventure but before we leave the dock, I need you all to take a look back because it might be the last time you see it.” That’s the real world in real time as a contractor. We need help to get us through and need to admit to what we do best and what others do better.
From Disneyland to being a general contractor was a shock for me and I knew I was in for the ride of my life. In the 90’s when I started, I didn’t have the tools for marketing my business like I do today. Now with Google, you can pin point your market, in what city and at what time you want to display your ad and that’s only the beginning. It’s a constant reminder of how great we have it in America when you build a team around you that will get the biggest bang for your buck and allow you to start shopping on Amazon for some La-Z-Boy!
Mark from Contractor Marketing

The Old Dog New Collar Professionals V 1.0

I’m sure all of us hate to be classified as an old dog or having someone ranting and retorting about how you look or how you’re feeling. It’s not fun to be on the aging end of the equation and it’s much better to hear, “you’re like a spring chicken out there boy!”
Not everything is as easy as plastic surgery or skin grafts these days to remove those crusty rolling wrinkles and in our new current world we live in, where everything’s on hyper drive and it seems that you never get ahead but are always 18 steps behind that makes it real tough, if you know what I mean? There has to be someone out there in the construction zone to step up to the plate and make it happen and I believe it’s you, Mr. Contractor, even if you look like fine aged wine!
The construction owners of 2K13 are still a little bit behind the times when it comes to their actions and that is no reflection on their educational status, their genetic lineage or their financial position. It’s just a raw take on what I experienced for over 19 years as a general contractor. And yes, times have changed but the old dog still remains the same. It seems we’re stuck in some vortex of entitlement because of our long line years of service and we feel indebted because of our decades of existence. Why are those in the construction world so lost by gravitating to the road of least resistance because in that world nothing ever pays you back trust me on that one!
Contractor Marketing wants you, the contractor to experience a renewal, if you will. There are so many options available to increase your profit line, to capture a new audience and to build a huge following. It’s not found in the social dimension and it’s not only in a well-designed website nor is it accomplished by a lead service that will provide for you constant inbound customers. But it’s when you, as the contractor, recognize that the professional world is looking to you to be professional.
And when I say professional, I mean one who can be there on time, one who is determined to be a perfectionist in his trade and one who is looking after the client’s needs and not be so driven by the necessity of greed or some avarice type of lifestyle. Since 07, times have changed drastically in the O.C. and it’s not as easy as it was back in the heyday of 2000 but we, who live here know that more than ever!
I believe the construction world needs a small tweaking to adjust to the current trends. That goes for marketing and how you sell your service and products to the world and also that includes your prices and how you present those to your potential clients. I want you, the contractor to see the need to upgrade to a new, current version and if that takes wearing a new collar while residing in that old skin of yours, then so be it. At 7 billion strong, it may be just a number we’re dealing but in the construction of arena, it’s the bottom line that pays the bills!

Follow the Leader

                             Follow the Leader

Not many workers want to admit to mimicking someone else in their daily grind but I see this as a good thing as long as those who you idolize are stellar. It’s always been my belief that those who are great are deemed great by those who follow in their footsteps.

Leads that are generated for our regular work as a contractor need to come constantly or we tend to suffer all types of mental dysfunctional disorders we never thought we had if they don’t. Some come by way of a lead service or maybe they are generated via your website SEO pursuit on Google but either way, you need to have visitors always pounding at your door.

I’m a firm follower of those who use options in their total game plan. Goals and methods that achieve said goals are imperative so with that said, are you okay with what’s happening or not happening in your place where you do biz?

As a General Contractor I constantly lived on the edge so with all the noise about target marketing, SEO and pin pointing your audience these days I wish I could pay it forward so to speak. It’s the greatest time to see your ROI work for you and know what is really going on, guaranteed!

Being Social maybe ain’t so social


There are a plethora of avenues to communicate these days, whether it’s in a rant or just plain o, hey, wassup? You can’t escape the reality of our cultural swing to full disclosure even if you wanted to so you either, take advantage or look for some sand dune.

Most of my friends are rather behind the scenes even though they love center stage so that’s where I shine. Marketing ABC’s is what I do best. Making more out of less because less is always better than way too much unless you’re eating at In & Out, if you know what I mean?

We do social set up and management for you, the contractor. Nothing is finer than to have some ones biz jump because of what Social Content has been added to stoke the fire. That’s the great thing about trading places with you in the social dimension so we can socialize with the best of them and you can reap the profits.

There is no secret in SEO

The mystery of website building and bringing traffic can be easily solved with a plan, methodology and the implementation. You can also see results that will bring long term shelf life to your business, almost guaranteed. The goal for every company is to have more customers calling than what you can provide…true? Excess is always the dream in all construction!
SEO is fine tuning your website and keyword search that’s found on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines to allow the public to pick you first. That’s our goal as Contractor Marketing Gurus who need you to succeed, so we can also!
So if you want your phones flooding with calls or your doors overwhelmed by knocking then you’ll need a strategic SEO game plan specifically designed for your company and we can make that happen, guaranteed!